Taking down several trees

Using a tracked skid steer to move a shed, camper, dig out a stump, guide a falling tree and tidy up logs/brush.


  1. The trailer hitch C-clamped to the forks of the skidsteer is a new one to me, and I’m gonna tell you right now: I like it. You can do anything with enough big C-clamps, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

  2. I’ve never seen a black painted camper trailer before. That thing must feel like an oven inside . Hot stuff

  3. Don't read profile photo

    thank you Andrew for all your wonderful videos, always interesting and pleasant to watch them even a second time continue your beautiful mission and thank you for your generosity

  4. Wow, Blue is getting big!

  5. One “hot” camper…..

  6. When did you get Blu?
    Is Cody the papa?

  7. Don't read profile photo

    Hey Andrew, what drone are you using? It looks great.

  8. I’m seeing a color theme here….

  9. Nick McCaffery

    I like all your videos andrew but really Iike your customer jobs buddy. Always look forward to your content.

  10. Nick McCaffery

    I like how you surround yourself with capable ambitious help… makes the job go flawlessly, most of the time.

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