We took a being pregnant test on camera to look at if Maddie is pregnant.

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  1. Maddie and Elijah

    We won’t know for sure until we see the Doctor obviously! Also you already know that 1 test came back positive and 4 came back negative from the first video. Do you think Maddie is pregnant?❤️

    • yes you should deffintly see the docter

    • Rebecca Alexander

      I’m just hoping that whatever that happened is the best for you two.

    • Maddie and Elijah yes

    • Yes but will Maddie be mom prepared if it’s positive

    • Notifications on

    • Richardo Anthony

      U be a good family

    • OMG!!!
      FUCK YES!😱😃
      i know it must be stressful and an emotional moment…but like…
      Omg i honestly hope you are cause
      That would be Amazing!
      Maddie Elijah?
      If it was a girl i would’ve named her “Charlie”
      If it was a boy it would’ve been Jame’s or charle’s

    • Nah i don’t think she’s pregnant my head kinda hope’s she is but to be cruely honest i don’t think so…
      I think it might be something else.
      And i get the feeling the vid your gonna make for the vid when she get’s checked out by a doctor you’ll make it look like she is pregnant in the begining of the vid to make it look scary for us to be like “omg,i wonder if shes pregnant or not” so we all watch the vid and once she does elijah is waiting in the car for her til she comes back or he has to go in to check on her with the camera so we’ll know how she’s doing while we finally get the answer and maddie says no and is a bit relieved and so is Elijah and then you guys cut out for a phew seconds ti’ll ur both home and then you both are sitting down and explain to us everything and how you two felt about it!😆

  2. Your number 17 on trending 🥺😁😁

  3. 2020 the years where been pregnancy and have a baby make view and money (sad i need to put 1 more view for this comment )

  4. Isn’t there never a false positive?!!

  5. I’m 15 years old and I miss my period for like 5 months and when I go to the doctor she told me that I have a problem in my stomach so she gives me some medecin so I guess you should really go to the doctor he gonna help I hope you will be okay love u ❤️

  6. Post notifications on 😁 you all are the best

  7. Yannilet Mondragon

    Is anyone not gonna talk about the fact that it’s #38 in trending lol

  8. 17 trending? Wow

  9. I remember when this was usually a private moment. Now this public event for likes of people that you’ve never meet in your life
    This is a rotten culture

  10. Whatever happens, i’m always gonna be here for you guys🥺🤍

  11. Jamie Lee Ashton

    Awww 😍 you two are the best!!!!

  12. Christy Hulsman

    I think it will be positive

  13. Elisha Martinez

    A lil late but i had the same problem. I didn’t have my period for a long time and i took multiple prego test and they all came back negative. Went 2 the doctors and they said it was just stress. ( have anxiety and depression so get stressed easily.) So ur probably just stressed…… Or u really r prego.

  14. Unspeakable One

    I think it is positive

  15. go to doctor nd get a blood test so you know for shore

  16. I thought that you gave away the pregnancy videos by saying you was cleaning out the spare room 🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. If you’ve been stressed or anxious a lot, that can make you miss your period. Also, check your diet? You might go to the doctors to see if you’re anemic? I have experience with both. Hope that helps! 🌸💫

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