Taking A Lie Detector Test…

This was not a good idea. At all. So sorry. I promise I mean that apology.
1 billion pity likes. please

Edited by Tom + Wilbur + Letuce (@letucesandwich )

Friends in the video (well, friends before the recording); @Tubbo @Ranboo @JackManifoldTV @Wilbur Soot

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  1. Subscribe!! We’re close to 5 MILLION 😮

  2. I am dieing of laughter

  3. Just the slap at the end tho-

  4. “Its Ranboo I promise” im sorry idk why I found that the line that made my day

  5. “Do you consider yourself a genius?”
    “He’s an idiot!! :D”

  6. Is this tommy init?

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