Take a look inside Steam Deck™!

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One of the most regularly asked questions we have received about Steam Deck is about the components inside it, and whether or not they are replaceable or upgradable. The answer is a little more complex than just a yes or no, so we have made a video clip to clarify all the details. Spoiler alert: we DON’T suggest substituting parts yourself, but we still want you to have all of the pertinent info about Steam Deck’s components.

Anyway, this is the very first public look at what is inside the device, so we hope you get pleasure from it.

See this update on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1675180/view/3011210954776539264


  1. Whilst I disagree with the level of FUD in this video, it does give me the information I need to mitigate any issues. Here’s the thing though. If you’d offered a proper storage expansion solution instead of the antiquated, slow, and tiny microsd then you’d probably have more people taking you up on your offer of not opening the damn thing up. Full size SD Express at a minimum. A proper 2242-2280 bay would’ve been best.

    How hard would it have been to add a m.2 riser and have a bump in the center where I could put in a 2280? You did great with everything else but then went apple levels of irritating on the storage. Games are often 50GB or more now. But then again, I have every feeling this was intentional. Maybe it was to lower power consumption, but I think it was done for other reasons as well.

    I want to see a proper 2280 kit with a replacement back panel and a m.2 riser. Maybe a kickstarter idea?

  2. they will provide a source for replacement parts right away?? when have you seen that last time?

  3. I love you guys
    even though you advise against tearing it apart you still show how to, what issues you may run into, and explain what may and may not work in self repair

  4. Will Steam Cloud support the separation of control and graphics settings in games between PC and Steam Deck? For example, I’ll play L4D2 on Steam Deck, change the controls and graphics there for myself, and then continue on the PC – won’t the PC synchronize with the cloud and download settings from Steam Deck, replacing everything there?

  5. FIX CS GO!!!

  6. Mohammad Al-Mutairi

    We would like to buy it in the Arab region, I don’t know Valve doesn’t provide them!

  7. 5:10 ” if you have followed these CORRECTIONS correctly”

    I mean SD card is cool.

  8. This is such a power move.

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