Taika Waititi Breaks Down His Most Iconic Films & Characters | GQ

Taika Waititi breaks down several of his most iconic characters and films, which includes ‘Thor: Ragnarok,’ ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ ‘Jojo Rabbit,’ ‘What We Do in the Shadows,’ ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Free Guy’ and ‘Our Flag Means Death.’

00:00 Intro
00:18 Thor: Ragnarok
03:08 Thor: Love and Thunder
05:02 Jojo Rabbit
09:25 What We Do in the Shadows
13:14 The Mandalorian
16:00 Free Guy
18:49 Our Flag Means Death

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  1. J. Alfredo Martínez-Tapia

    His role in Boy was also amazing, too bad it didn’t make the cut for this video.

    Beautiful movie.

  2. shame they cut the film weird looks like studio interference

  3. Yah right fn narcissist

  4. Beowulf Cadmus

    You guys didn’t even have him talk about his best movie? Hunt for the Wilderpeople needs to be watched by everyone. Right. Now.

  5. VegitosuperGod1

    I always hear korg

  6. Livebackwards75

    What an amazingly talented man. How great it is he gets to be himself in life and puts it into his art as well.

  7. Osska Schindla

    Where is Eagle VS Shark!?? 🙁

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  9. He’s annoying in lightyear and annoying in free guy

  10. “I’ve watched Master & Commander like 70 times”…..me, too, Taika. Me, too.

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