Swimming with the World’s Deadliest Sharks

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Major shout-out to Mike Coots for being open to sharing his story with us. He’s a true afflatus and one of the kindest folks we have met.
In this story we go with Mike Coots, a shark assault survivor and now conservationist to go back diving with Tiger Sharks… The same sharks who assaulted him years ago…

Thank you to Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant for taking us!

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  1. It’s weird seeing a *Seek Discomfort* member sitting on seat saying “Extra Comfort” 😂

  2. Ranjini Raja In 🎥

    You guys!!! Where do we even start! Can’t thank ya’ll enough for the amazing documentaries you’ll put together for us 💗

  3. wasn’t Ocean on an Episode with Patty Mayo?

  4. respect

  5. please tell me im not the only one who cried at the videos of sharks getting harmed

  6. wow, such a beautiful and touching experience! i don’t even have words, hopefully one day i will be able to do it too, and more importantly, new generations of people will be better than the previous ones and will not kill any animal for their own agenda 🙏🦈🤍

  7. I don’t go in the ocean because of jelly fish / stingrays 😅 and seaweed 😂 just for the fact if I step on that shit, it feels like it could be a jelly so I’m out 🏃🏽‍♂️ don’t care about sharks.
    I Didn’t used to care at all as a kid about any of it

  8. btw may I assume you like bmws as you own a bow x3 then rented another bmw perhaps 4 series convertable or 8 idk

  9. Massimiliano Conti

    Great video and great story. I managed to swim with gray sharks in

  10. Love this!!

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