Swansea 2-3 Man City | Key Moments | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Aguero’s brace concludes spectacular late comeback for Pep’s adult males!

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  1. kkun agueero ngueweriii bos quh

  2. once again no VAR lucky ManCity

  3. Everything Awesome

    A team that has spent $1.3 billion in 10 years can’t beat championship side in 15th place without help from the officials.

  4. Even as a city fan myself i have to say refs and var is shambles, like in the fa cup var is in some games and for others it isn’t it’s either your fully in or you’re fully out. And the refs in the fa cup are terrible.

  5. Swansea got screwed by the pathetic level of English officals. The FAA owe Swansea and its fans a huge apology.

  6. This is disgraceful.


  8. Briliant comeback Man city ❤❤

    From CITYZEN ( Indonesia )

  9. Come back

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