Suspend Bubba Wallace | NASCAR Las Vegas Playoff Race Review & Assessment

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Thumbnail Cred: Getty, NBC Sports


  1. Friendly reminder to keep the comment section civil 🙂 Try to keep the commentary focused on the on-track activity, and not take personal shots at the drivers.

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    That was an insane race. We’d hit a boring stretch and I’d open my phone and as soon as I’d do that something wild would happen. The finish was great too.

  3. Bubba Wallace is the name you expect to see on a huge white man with confederate flags on his 98 f250

  4. Bubba said a garage door pull rope was a symbol for a lynching rope. Maybe he shouldn’t be driving. He clearly is not mentally stable.

  5. Juicy smoooolet wanna be trying to stay relevant

  6. Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    Not only did he take Kurt’s old ride… he took Kurt’s old anger management issues as well.

  7. Bubba end his own day along with Larson and Bell. Agree 1 race suspension at minimum! Along with anger management!

  8. #wokecar won’t do shit too their BLM poster boy bubbles Smollett is a shit stain on what was once a great sport !

  9. Blondewig comes up to you and says we should hang out more then walks over and steals your credit card. What do you do?

  10. Suspend Bubba Wallace ….he went in swinging….no excuse !

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