Surviving The Total Wipeout Challenge…

That’s right girls and gentlemen. No. Just women. This following description is only to be read by girls.

This is another classic Tom Simons video blog, where me and [FRIENDS] have quite a lot of fun. We went to Amsterdam just for this one. Just for you. Just for you we went to Amsterdam. I love you

Really? You do? Oh dearest lady reader that means quite a bit. It really does.

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Thank you for reading this, ladies. Unless you’re the girl from the lift the other day that when I said “cool hoodie!” you chose to ignore me and just leave the lift. That was not cool.


  1. Sally the fish?!

  2. I am sorry Tommy but you have a fatty patty

  3. 5:43 I died laughing when he said it’s not hard and gets picked up and gets hit down-

  4. HilariousHooper44

    Love the batman music in the background! Takes me back to lego batman on the playstation 2

  5. Tommy: Flopping
    Philza: Dying middle aged man
    Charlie: Actually doing good
    Tubbo: Dies
    Wilbur: *is hard*

  6. I think we all knew Tubbo would win ahhaha

  7. ·〰Poofie~Baku〰·💘

    Tommy: Don’t look back in anger
    Charlie: Look forward in fear

    So inspirational

  8. Nobody:

    Tommy dyeing to Lego batman 3 music:

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