Surviving 100 Nights Inside The Underworld in Minecraft…

Surviving 100 Nights Surviving in the Minecraft Underworld.. Today on our hardcore SMP world we find that the Nether Portal has been found and this is the new frontier. Countries from around the world are coming to compete in the game to win the SOUL KNIFE.. if you win this you own the nether but be WARNED if you are taking part in this game players will be trapped in the nether until the god weapon is found!

The Minecraft Mods can be found on my discord 🙂

#MC100Days #RyanNotBrian

Welcome to my channel! This channel is all about Minecraft with focus on the Minecraft PvP and Raiding content. Also throwing in some unique shows like Minecraft Hide Or Hunt & Minecraft War!

Medieval 100 days videos in timeline order
1. I Spent 100 Days on a Minecraft Murder Island..

Thank you to @Turton and @soccer51x for supplying there replay mod footage!


  1. Thank you for Jack and Soccer for providing their replay mod. with this i was also able to tell their side of the story!

    Thank You For Supporting this video. I know they take a while to come out but from watching these i hope you see why. This is something i’m really enjoying for the first time in AGES!
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  2. Ryan make your own kingdom and take out the bad people and leave the good people

  3. jospin bambatane

    Let me join your army

  4. I love this omfg do more

  5. Keep up good work my guy I love your heart for people I’m crying

  6. What are the mods for this

  7. this video is soo amazing like a movie

  8. You've been watched

    another banger!

  9. Sickle
    You better rejoin

  10. Can not wait for the next one
    Man i love this guy, the way he puts a story in a 100 days video is insane.

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