Survive the Slippery Slope! | Disappearing Ledges!!

Hey everyone! In this challenge, we hang on onto a large wall that’s covered in soap! If you slide off, you lose! But be mindful, the ledges vanish! Tell us down below what we can do next!

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  1. Rebecca Tindall

    You guys should do a challenge and the losers should do a lip-synching to your song choice on their Instagram

  2. Why am i watching this! LOL?

  3. The name J-Marv reminds me of king k-rule

  4. 4:11 OW my knee

  5. Isaac Tachiki-Urias

    My favorite challenge video, been watching since Matthias’s garage

  6. Amariah Wilborn

    I wanna do this

  7. I really want to participate in this

  8. This was copied from a Japanese game show

  9. I want to see more of this specific game

  10. J-fredddd

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