Surprising FaZe Rug with Custom iPhone!📱 ☎️ ( Giveaway!! )

Hope you all took pleasure in !!
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  1. i would follow you in instagram but i forgot my password to it but i followed you on youtube and turned on notifications

  2. 0:07 don’t leave me don’t leave me

  3. Because this idiot with money needs a free phone, trash youtubers

  4. hi man, i would like to win the iphone for my brother i have not seen it for 2 years because of private circumstances. we’ll see each other soon, and it’s also his birthday coming up. I am Leandro, I am 17 years old and have been watching your video man for a while, do you think you are a really cool guy, much love from the Netherlands from Leandro
    my instalgram is Leandro00756 (it is a new acc with 0 followers) and I hardly ever sit on it hence.

  5. iphone
    because i dont have enough money to buy one

  6. and i love your work

  7. “Iphone” California Why: why not

  8. Dallana Rodriguez

    i want a custom iphone:)

  9. can I get one never had one

  10. Jackson Brzuska

    Do you edit your own videos

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