Surfside condo building: before, during and after the demolition

The leftover portion of the partly collapsed Champlain Towers South Condo was destroyed via controlled implosion in Surfside on July 4.

Video clip by Miami Herald


  1. The phones were out waiting for it to fall as police and firemen did nothing

  2. This is another coverup. Red flags all over. From months before this incident, inspectors already called out things. No action was taken. When will we learn that saving money is not more important than safety of life? No more. Time to rise up everyone. Time to wake up America.

  3. jurriaan Adema


  4. Anonymous Person

    Hate people that have to film EVERYTHING they see in life

  5. This is incredibly sad to see.

  6. So wait was this the building that started to collapse due to nearby construction?

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