Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate – Combating with Sora – Nintendo Switch

The iconic Keyblade wielder arrives to the battlefield.

Sora from KINGDOM HEARTS will be the final Super Smash Bros.™ Ultimate DLC fighter! Look forward to the release of Sora in Challenger Pack 11 on 10/18.

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  1. The fact people are disappointed is kinda weird this is the most requested character that was able to be in smash

    • Just because Sora is the most requested character doesn’t mean everyone in the community wanted him. Just look at the amount of dislikes lol.

  2. The way everyone is looking at him flying to his pose from the artwork from the original game I cryed

  3. Thank you so much, Sakurai for giving us amazing experiences throughout our lives, childhoods, and helping us feel the greatness of crossovers. You made the most epic of them all. <3

  4. The fact that people are saying Sora is from a JRPG hurts my soul on multiple levels

  5. I purchased all the DLC and upcoming, I will be playing til the end!

  6. Deebug and Lubcub

    It’s begining to settle in that I’ll really miss looking forward to these character reveals… Smash had me more hype than entire Directs… Honestly, Mr Sakurai and his team deserve all the praise and rest in the world, especially after this masterpiece of a game! Thank you for such a great journey Mr Sakurai and Nintendo!

  7. Francesco Riccardi

    i wanted waluigi

  8. Hailey Joel Osment is in Smash!!!

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