Super Mario 64 DS ROM Hacks | Different Console, Same Ol’ Mischiefs

While Super Mario 64 hacking is all the wrath, there is a community still growing and flourishing on the DS! We might be on a different console, but the same mischiefs still implement here. Let us discuss the current state of Super Mario 64 DS ROM Hacks!

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  1. 64×4 is such a good idea for it’s name. It’s Mario 64, but there’s 4 playable characters! It’s clever and I support it.

  2. globox123456789


  3. 7:17 Oh God it’s Morpho Knight KILL IT WITH F…………Oh wait wrong franchise.

  4. Dude was on trending

  5. Galaxy DS started off as a 64 DS hack but moved onto a custom engine cause of 64DS’s engine’s limitations.

    Still fuckin amazing at how it’s on the DS.
    Proves that the DS still has untapped potential.

  6. 22:14 is when the video starts.

  7. I’m always surprised no one has really made a full “Super Mario World 64” rom hack. Using the textures, or at least the themes of SMW. Ideally youd throw in custom SMW enemies like Galoombas or Rex. I’d love to see a 3d reimagining of SMW.

  8. 14:16 Incredible how Umokay 64DS 3 became a thing before Galaxy 3, good to see that people have their priorities straight

    Nah, but really, that Galaxy DS game looked impressive, it’s sick to see an old fake rumor like Galaxy DS actually become a legitimate game after so long

    A lot of these hacks were pretty great! I was part of the crowd that grew up with 64DS instead of the original 64, so I really enjoyed seeing what people have been cooking up with this game

    We all know that Among Us 64DS is the clear winner of this video though, obviously

  9. Watching an Antdude video after such a long while just makes me appreciate the small quality detail in the video.

    Like writing a concise script in which you avoid repeating yourself of just using words and phrasing wrong.

    Thanks, mate.

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