SUMMER GAME FEST: Kickoff Live! Official Stream (Elden Ring, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut + More)

Get a peek at the future of video games! Join host Geoff Keighley for a live Kickoff event for Summer Game Fest, filled with world premieres, special visitors, and musical spectacles by Weezer, Japanese Breakfast, and the Sonic Symphony Orchestra. Followed by Days of the Devs.

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  1. Incredible Hamburgr


  2. MicHaeL MonStaR

    I want “Sky” to come to PlayStation or PC… 🙁 – I literally can’t play this game. – I do have iOS-devices, but they’re too old for games like that…
    I guess they caught financing for exclusivity, and I get that, especially since thatgamecompany WANTS to stay relatively small, but why not at least on Steam or something?…
    It’s one of those companies that makes really nice games with lots of artistic integrity and all that, but they’re very sporadic in terms of platforms they use. – I suppose they were kind of “PlayStation” exclusive for a while as well, with their earlier games, which did eventually come to PC, but only after YEARS. – So maybe in another year this game will expand to another platform, but that will have been two years after the initial launch.

  3. Ahsan Chowdhury

    I loved the songs from Hades. Amazing!

  4. Mtetal slug RTS….. and Pac man RTS ?? , no sorry but its a verry bad idea.

  5. I didn’t want to be hyped for Elden Ring just in case it didn’t exist. But damn it looks EPIC!!!

  6. I’ll be honest I was kinda hoping they would have Megan thee stallion voice butt stallion… It could of made sense.

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