Summer Fling Screw Up

After 1 decade I finally realized I am a moron….

Animation Team:
Penny Morales

Toon Boom Harmony:

“Special Thanks to our Inner Circle of Friendship and Family Tier Patrons”

Kat Curtis
Edvin Olofsson
Alex Anzivino
Erich Lee
Mariam Gegechkori
Arjun Blair
Amy Mayfield
Ariana Bransford
Molly Dowling


  1. CiyberdoggeGaming

    Alex: I thought it was a secret that I was an idiot…
    Everyone else: HEHHEH HAHAHAH!

  2. Alex, why are all your stories about you trying something but it always ending out stupid

  3. The new YouTube comment section is stupid!

  4. Idot

  5. Jake The Lego Man

    ooofffff this line hurts. “can I tell you something?” yeah sure anything. “I have a boyfriend” that line just made me commit ALT 4 and scooter ankle.

  6. XX-bunny-playz-XX my game plays are kinda funny

    Ur a beeeep

    Lol jkk

  7. it means 🙂

  8. Do we know when the chess boxing match is happening or if it happened already?

  9. Lmao this deserved my likr

  10. When a girl puts a smile at the end it means that they are happy lol or Alex is prob correct lol

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