Summer Anime 2022 in a Nutshell

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Anime Mentioned:
0:00 Intro
01:00 – Call of the evening
03:33 – Lucifer and the biscuit hammer
04:10 – My isekai life
04:32 – The demon is a part timer 2
04:54 – Classroom of the elite 2
04:58 – Tokyo Mew Mew New
05:15 – Danmachi IV + Overlord IV
05:23 – Made in abyss 2
05:35 – Lease a gf S2
06:13 – RWBY: Ice Queendom
07:18 – Engage Kiss
08:25 – Kinsou no Vermeil
08:50 – Smirk of the Arsnotoria
08:55 – When will Ayumu make his move?
09:00 – Yakuza’s guide to babysitting
09:22 – Parallel world pharmacy
10:22 – Uncle from another world
11:24 – My stepmom’s daughter is my ex
12:16 – Lycoris recoil
13:03 – Isekai meikyuu de haremwo
14:38 – Black summoner


  1. Garnt has not read the Mushoku Tensei LN in regards to slavery….

  2. Luca Van de Linde

    Please do not make a second season of NGNL happen, i’ve read the LN and the next arc is just atrociously boring, i beg of you, we’re all gonna get dissapointed after the banger that Zero was. I guess maybe the game against the flugels might be interesting, if we manage to fit it? At this point, making it span the entire second season might be the best result if it ever happens tbh

  3. you gotta love it when they get a sponsor and actually give free stuff

  4. Where tf is summertime render

  5. The “pinhole finger glasses” thing actually does help me see distant objects less blurry than with my naked eye sans glasses. It’s really striking BUT I have to contract my visual field to a true pinpoint fornit to work. Like a 98% reduction in visual field size.

  6. 9:33, damn it kinda made me see a LITTTTTTLE better

  7. The only common thing about Yofukashi no Uta and Rent a Girlfriend is the fact that the main heroine is voiced by Tenchan. But one is unfortunate because of a pathetic MC, and one is a wholesome eyegasm and I’ll give my money to Nazuna anytime.

  8. 14:44 yeah, about that…

  9. 9:39

    Looking through your fingers does work, but you have to make the holes through your fingers incredibly small, like a pin hole, and only one eye at a time. Essentially you’re only letting in parallel light that goes through the center of your iris, and does not need to be focused. This also works for normal sighted people who unfocus their eyes.

    No, it’s still not practical. You can see almost nothing, and it has to be fairly bright out.

  10. This is actually so good. The pacing and writing on point 😲

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