Sugar Pine 7 is cancelled.


  1. Fuck I’ve been here watching since day 1. This hurt deep.

  2. Now just what is sugarpine 7 and why are they getting cancelled?

  3. weak as fuck, you guys took this wayyyy to seriously man shoulda just kept doing your thing tbh.

  4. how the hell does the top show on youtube get cancelled?

  5. Dang, been here since the minecraft days

  6. Alelda Productions

    Keep on keeping on. You guys got this. I know it just feels like the end but one closed door opens another. You’re so talented and amazing you got this

  7. Thanks for this. Got me through college and heartbreak – best of luck for your future endeavors.

  8. this is gut wrenching man, wishing you dudes all the best, big love

  9. This breaks my heart immensely

  10. I haven’t been here since your launch, but I genuinely want to thank all of you for making my days a little better. I wish all of you the best of luck in whatever path you’re on after this.

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