Style Theory: You’re Shaving Your Face WRONG!

Today, loyal theorists, we’re learning how to shave your face. But, we’re not just grabbing a razor and having at it; no, we’re using 8 guys and 10 different blades to find the absolutely PERFECT way to shave. Which razor works best: five blade, safety razor, straight edge, electrical or something else? Lather up that shaving cream and get ready for some awesome grooming tips!
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  1. use a cigarette lighter like a real man!

  2. I’m 18 and have been shaving since about 15-16, always with 2-3 blade swivel headed disposable razors, holding onto each one for as long as I can before they get too uncomfortable for me to stand. I shave in the shower with conditioner on my face instead of actual shaving cream, because I don’t know where we keep the shaving cream and because the conditioner seems to work fine either way. I’ve never had any issues shaving against the grain aside from when the blades are dull, and I’m always able to get it super close. Guess I just don’t have very sensitive skin?

  3. jesus christ that first pun is horrible

  4. I haven’t been “clean shaven” in about 10 years. Team full beard here… I do keep it trimmed and tidy tho


  6. For all the boys, I shave a lot, face legs and arms, try it on a lot of razors, so far henry’s is the best shave and price for me

  7. 1:01 ah yes, my favorite shaving technique, the butter knife

  8. As a barber, it’s extremely strange and sad to me that the face shave would be that hard unless they were new or actively avoid doing them cuz they’re scared. They’re typically very relaxing to me to do, with the hot towels and tea tree smell wafting with the hot lather. I’ve even done several head shaves, and I’ve only been a barber for about 5 months

  9. You guys should do the opposite of this video and do what is the best way to grow facial hair

  10. I always do a quick run with an electric shaver, and then do the last, tricky bits with a Gillette. Afterwards, use compressed air to dry and clean the knives, this way I can go months with one cassette.

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