Style Theory: Can You Be Allergic to Color? (Wednesday Addams)

As reported by Wednesday Addams, her skin breaks into hives and flesh peels off her bones when she even TOUCHES Color. Wait a minute… is that real? Can you really be ALLERGIC to color? Let us figure out…
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  1. oliver benjiman

    Style theory idea: is bigger always better?

  2. Could be a sensory overload issue she is exaggerating the symptoms of to get a reaction out of her dorm mate. Neurodivergent

  3. I know this is old, but base on this topic it would be cool to revisit the blue and gold dress… just saying

  4. this is a great video i love this video

  5. the answer could be just: her eyes cannot process certain light wavelength frequencies so her brain deems it as a threat, she could be allergic to color but by looking at it and not touching it, we know she lies by seeing that she is indeed looking at color and nothing happens.
    also the color in screens doesn’t come from the absorption of certain wavelengths, its actually emitting the wavelength that we need to see, beautifully backwards.

  6. Um actually, The severed hand character from Wednesday and the Addams Family is just called Thing, or Thing T. Thing, not The Thing. That is the orange rocky hulk like character from Marvel.

    what do you mean this is the wrong show?

  7. If style theory wasn’t here, this was a film theory video

  8. Put this on film theory

  9. Film theory + style theory

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