Style Theory: Are School Uniforms Worth It?

Perhaps you have heard that school uniforms make you wiser. Dress for success, right? WRONG! Schools have been lying to you about school uniforms, and we are going to uncover the truth. Watch to figure out whether or not school uniforms really work or if they are just a ruse.
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  1. Day 63 of asking mat to explain the lore behind the game granny

  2. Only if they are proud to wear it. Military uniforms work. Preppy uniforms don’t.

  3. YouTuber and TMNT Fan

    Honestly, as someone who was in a private school till 3rd grade. Uniforms didn’t help at all. At that school, if something was even a tiny bit off with your uniform, you would get yelled at. So there we times I was more worried that everything was at the exact place it should be then what I was learning. So, yeah, they don’t help at all, and I was bullied more there than I was when I moved to public school.

  4. Conform,Conform, Conform get your uniform…Gotta nice for the goverment indoctonation machine.

  5. My old school after using clothes being expensive to justify uniforms but then selling a mandatory paper thin sweater for $200

  6. I experienced both uniforms and non-uniform schools and personally I never really cared much about either situation 😅 but I do remember once hearing news of a kid being kidnapped BECAUSE of our school uniform (the school was well known for being a wealthy international school). We then got told by the school to not wear our uniforms casually outside of school… so I guess uniforms also make you clear targets for potential kidnapping 😅 makes sense from the kidnappers point of view: kid wearing rich school uniform = parents are likely rich = higher ransom 💰

  7. Bro, in like 1- 1 1/2 week(s) this channel reached 1 Mil, YOUTUBE, GENIS, GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL

  8. Damn, 20 000 subs in a day.

  9. There’s one other factor at the end there. Profit sharing. My niece and nephew went to a private school with uniforms and the school required the main uniform parts be purchased from a specific uniform seller. They have a profit-sharing agreement with the uniform seller for all the uniforms purchased. They said it’s one of the many ways they keep tuition lower by adding other revenue streams. They also had “scrip, services hours or annual dues” from parents. A lot of private schools without public funding fill the financial gaps with lots of nickel-and-dime expenses the parents have to pay on top of tuition.

  10. Oh great thanks a lot. This would have helped me a lot a few weeks ago. (Because my teacher made everyone in my class to a writing thing about school uniforms)

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