Stupidest Minecraft Updates

Mojang constructed Minecraft into the most well liked game on the earth. Nevertheless, throughout the years, they in addition made some shady decisions. Today, we are going to look at the stupidest minecraft changes of all time.

Credits: @TheMisterEpic @AntVenom @RetroGamingNow @AndE @xisumavoid

I hope I was not too critical… Mojang is a terrific company overall 🙂


  1. subscribe or something bad will happen :/

  2. I’m neither, console edition all the way. C++ goodness without the bedcock shid.

  3. Courtney Bazan Colvin

    they removed the farlands because of the farlands man. look him up.

  4. Many people think that axes are better than swords. But I have to disappoint them all. The axe does less damage per second than the sword. For example take a look at a diamond axe. It has an attack speed of 1 hit per second, which equals 10 hits within 10 seconds, while dealing out 9 damage per hit. 9×10=90 damage within 10 seconds. But now take a look at a diamond sword. It has an attack speed of 1,6 times per second, which equals 16 hits within 10 seconds, while dealing out 7 damage per hit. 7×16=112 damage within 10 seconds. So swords are clearly still better than axes, plus they have a great chance of dealing splash damage AND they are cheaper than axes. And also you can put way more combat enchantments on a sword, than on an axe.

  5. sry but this is bad

  6. imo I feel like a lot of these updates were pretty nitpicky, I will say that the chat reporting, combat update and the removal of fireflies were pretty bad, but it’s not uncommon for _everything_ that a team says will be added won’t be. the workers at Microsoft also can’t overwork themselves, but this is just what I think

  7. If Java does get deleted then welp roblox here we come

  8. 2:37 what even is that

  9. Teacher sus bear

    Yo dadusak this Is why Mojang deleted the farlands because well farland man

  10. Da Gato Gamer The commenter

    Dream sucks

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