studio footage: vocal organizing the “positions” bridge – ariana grande

positions out now:


  1. Ayaaja Ajaeumon

    Yeezy. Aya aja Abba eumon

  2. I wonder the name of the headset and microphone she used in this video. If you know anyone, please leave a reply. Thank you.👍

  3. Luis Anthony Silva Ramos


  4. Luis Anthony Silva Ramos

    Mana kagameeee 😭❤️

  5. Luis Anthony Silva Ramos

    Ari God ❤️

  6. MGBW ดวงดาว

    Ariana una Diosa

  7. what mic she use

  8. Christian Kamsu

    POV: After watching this video, you went to check again the song to analyse how the bridge actually was

  9. ballad of the forlorn star:

    it was spit’n verse
    and writ’n first
    by the fool
    who did no jokin’*
    it was spit in verse
    and written first
    by the fool
    who did no joking*
    re_turns the king
    and he does bringeth
    cleanest power
    than you’ve seen*
    and it’s _more_
    than all the closets
    from that film called
    “monsters inc”*
    the “lion king”,
    the “prince ali”,
    and that “max goof”:
    “the team to beat”*
    undisputed, far to seek
    _most just down their crowns
    exclaiming winner!
    proclaiming victories
    every time they near our
    i’m up batting
    watch me do it_
    i’m that dude that
    stayed past practice*
    just my shoe in
    hold the pitchin’
    keep on lookin’
    as i’m switchin’*
    worlds most famous
    final rounder
    goose is loose
    but i don’t swing yet*
    crowd is hopin’
    jowls are open
    chanting at me
    _batter _batter*
    as i focus
    lettin’ go with
    _i_ _call_
    locked on target
    i can’t miss it
    sound connects like
    _thunder listens*
    water vapor what
    i’m swingin’_
    makin’ milk on_
    mount olympus*
    and i chill it with a sample
    of the finest frozen fruit*
    sun up or down
    i’m known around here
    _as that guy up at
    the booth;*
    getting tatted
    front to back with
    proven facts of
    common truth*
    full of patience
    learning lessons
    with a tutor*
    entrance guarded
    by “the sidekicks”:
    “scar”, “the maui”
    and the “mater”*
    isolated from the jaded
    “cave of wonders”
    where we’re stayin’*
    re_payin’ favors
    every day_
    sayin’ no thanks;
    “it’s on the house, kid”*
    i write wishes like
    i’m fishin’ junkyards
    with magnetic hook
    when i flow in
    _ride or die_
    just like my poem.*

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