Students in Online Exams vs Normal Exams

On-line check-ups or regular check-ups? Which one is less complicated? Which is more fun?
What will happen when the remainder of the students comes back to the Academy?

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  1. What do you think the message on the phone said…?

  2. 2:56 LOOLLLLL

  3. I can relate

  4. I’m going to go to school tomorrow wish me luck

  5. Online exams: cheat
    Regular exams: stress

  6. Bella Bros Tiling

    I think the text message said that madam soot being is back maybe

  7. Where are the others of class t1t5

  8. Did Nobody see.. Denis loves Titan Academy?

  9. 8:31 Oh mn once i did that at my language exam and really got away with it.
    lmao xD

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