Stuck at sea: Payload ship wedged in Suez Canal causes traffic jam

Tug boats and a digger are struggling to free a mega payload ship, blocking one of the world’s busiest transport pathways.

Dozens of ships are stuck because a container ship nearly one half a kilometre long is wedged across the waterway.

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  1. Attach another cargo ship on a long chain with lots of slack… full steam ahead!

  2. So that’s why there’s no ps5s in stock!!!

  3. This once happened to my canal boat.

  4. Why can’t they get a dozen bull dozers and pull it backwards from the bank?

  5. @2:17 The Evergiven??

  6. L. Sergivs Catilina

    This is a ship from a Taiwanese company, and they need to PAY fines to the world for clogging up such an important canal.

  7. A traffic jam in the sea?!!😂 now I’ve seen it all

  8. But why is it so dramatically blocking the way.
    I know its been an accident but that is literally dramatic.

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