striving to cook Fancy Schmancy foods

Backed by HelloFresh.

0:00 – Intro
01:02 – Quick Lamb Bourguignon
12:46 – Sausage Rice Dressing

Background music provided by Epidemic Sound.


  1. Why are you so good at videos? I wish I was high right now.

  2. Mr. Food – this fucking guy

  3. jonathan carmichael

    Brutalmoose! I love your videos! You are a comic and culinary genius!

  4. Great video as always!

  5. is the man.

  6. Aw man, I haven’t seen anything Mr. Food in ages! I can’t remember if it was from cookbooks in stores, or if my mom had a Mr. Food collection. I miss that guy, too. I’m sure he would say that you’re doing his legacy proud, Mr. Brutalfoods!

  7. Is this the birth of a new Mr. Food?

  8. I’m judging your onion cutting loudly!!!!
    Have you never watched that video the “Onyon” Meme comes from?

  9. I am so high right now and is a man of few words and many foods. I wonder if he wins cripto currency?

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