Street Testing RUBY With 1000+ Horsepower/Preparing Her for a 1,300 Mile Racecar Roadtrip!

DANG! Ruby is more ready than we thought for this 1300 mile drive!
Racecar Roadtrip we are doing –

NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates:
Aug 24th Houston
Nov 23th Bradenton

Here’s our Full Schedule for 2019!

-Leroy’s Injectors! –
-Leroy’s BILLET Intake!

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  1. I just ordered this amazing phone holder for my car! it works on any surface and was on sale! if anyone else wants one you can find it at !!

  2. Wish I had one.

  3. I was waiting for you you launch it in the sand.

  4. ghostinthetreeline

    Ha, you literally passed my work in this video. Gotta love that Gandy Beach.

  5. Why not add flex fuel sensors to the cars so it will compensate when/if you run pump gas?

  6. Pull an A/N line off at the front and drain the 93 into a tank, poor in the ethanol/meth. Yall are way smarter than us lol! 🙂

  7. #10 on trending say what! Love it make it #1!

  8. Cleetus, get a fuel cell and a bladder for the fuel cell. That way you can run the race fuel in the bladder, and when you need to do street driving you can remove the bladder.
    -James Parker

  9. What is the name of this beach?

  10. I dunno anything about high performance engines but wouldn’t E-85 be close enough to the ignite fuel? I would think a lot of gas stations will have an E-85 pump. Just an idea.

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