Street Fighter 6 – Kimberly and Juri Game Face Feature

Kimberly shows her excessive persona and while Juri shows her impish one as they enter the match with the Game Face Feature in Street Fighter 6. Press the directional buttons on the versus screen to have your character express different feelings while expecting the match.



  1. Can’t wait

  2. Now we need to get the version with a Juri mirror match

  3. Kim is so cute

  4. The faces are similar. So will be the fortnite moves.

  5. Por favor que no haya personajes de la comunidad lgbt o los no binario ya ese tipo de cosas molesta y si ya los había dejen eso así pero no sean disney

  6. Everyone is saying how cute Juri’s faces are but I think Kimberly might just have the best facial expressions so far. Especially at 00:17 where Kimberly’s face is like 🤨

  7. And just to verify, this is also coming for the PS4 too? Right?

  8. I didn’t expect Juri to be smaller than Kimberly, anyways this looks so promising as always

  9. Pouting Juri godlike

  10. SF6 is Amazing

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