Stray Kids Play With Puppies While Answering Questions

Global K-pop sensation Stray Kids join BuzzFeed for its second episode of the newest season of The Puppy Interview. What would they like Stray Kids to be recollected by? Do they watch the edits that STAYs post on-line? And will 3RACHA ever release their own album? Please? Pretty please??? #StrayKids #PuppyInterview #kpop

Thank you North Shore Animal League America!


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Celebs + pups, kitties, thirst twitter statements, and more = so much yes.


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  1. While you’re here, give North Shore Animal League America some love!


  2. Look neither male nor female

  3. Ирина Григорьева

    Які милі цуцики, і ті що сидіть, і ті що бігали весь час ))))

  4. This is where I realise I would absolutely be Chan in this situation… questions who… puppies yes.

  5. 5:28 that cute meow❤️❤️

  6. Hyunjin is litterally playing with dogs this entire video

  7. Chan rlly said “no words today… just puppy”

  8. This interview was stray kids being story kids. Chaotic and cute😂😂

  9. Not jisung doing the “Jogiyo noona hokshi namja chingu aseoyo?”😂😂

  10. Dog is on the menu in Korea 👎

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