STRANGER THINGS Season 5 Everything We Know

I breakdown Stranger Things Season 5 Theories and Predictions. I review, talk about and clarify news, the release date, characters for example Vecna being the brain Flayer, Eleven having new powers, Max being in a coma, The Upside Down merging with Hawkins and the eventual battle between The Mind Flayer and Eleven, Will and the remainder of the group.

00:00 Intro
00:35 Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date
01:44 The Story
02:03 The Battle Of Hawkins
04:18 Max
04:58 Outside Of The Battle
06:36 The Characters
07:43 Outro

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  1. What do you think is going to happen in Stranger Things Season 5? Comment your thoughts below!

    • @stuiep1983 I can see that too. Some avengers end game type shit.

    • I want my dude Argyle to come back as well, and hope he makes it to the end

    • Eleven or Will is going to die but I really hope that doesn’t happen I just hope they get to graduate and have an happy ending but i doubt the Duffers are going to let us off that easy

  2. theodore thomson

    Please keep in mind mike said “you an freaking fly You can move mountains! I believe in you !” After the dr aka papa said “you cannot fly and you need to fly to beat him”

  3. I had the same exact feeling about ELEVEN im pretty sure season 5 is going to close out with her death and possibly Hopper too after he finally promises his date with Joyce. I’m saying Eleven because it would make a lot of sense that since she was the reason this all started in season 1 I see it way possible for her to sacrifice herself to close all the portals and end everything.

  4. I ain’t gonna lie, never been a big fan of El. Millie does a good job, but I was kinda bored with her this season, felt like the whole thing she was doing was to introduce Vecna’s origin and it felt a little dragged on.

  5. The release dates are the Fibonacci sequence. 1 1 2 3. So that means next season is 5. Although, I’m sure it just apophenia…

  6. ♥️misturi🌸

    I think Karen wheeler will play something in season 5

  7. Millie Bobby Brown is a clone of Natalie Portman

  8. Eleven, Will, hopper and Steve all dying S5. Remember this comment


    Anyone noticed will nose was bleeding at last moment??

  10. Something I feel people are missing and forgetting about Max being in a coma and Eleven not being able to see her inside her mind. And that’s Vecna takes the mind and soul of the person he kills, even if it was for a minute..I believe Eleven only saved her body but not her mind. (Yet) So I don’t think we’ll get max to wake up until somehow Eleven can get her back from Vecna.

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