Stop Trying To Give Birth At Disneyland

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  1. i have never seen the fast and furious movies but i did understand the channel reference bc pop culture

  2. Could you even imagine going to Disney World when you’re 40 weeks pregnant anyway?! Even if you weren’t aware of this urban myth, the idea of hauling myself around when I’m about to pop ANY DAY gives me a hernia.

  3. charlotte ack.

    this vid was such a hit u were rlly on it keep it up i love u + ur work!!

  4. Cheese Cucumber

    this was made 11h ago

  5. My lungs weren’t fully developed when I was born, I would have died from lack of oxygen if I had been born at Disney land without a NICU down the hall 🤠
    Why don’t these parents think about the health of their crotch goblins??

  6. Kyle Dangerfield

    Can you review pandas vs aliens it’s on Amazon prime

  7. TheIndieKitten

    SO NO HEAD 💀

  8. I fucking died at the root beer sketch

  9. theres already abandoned disney castle houses in california tho i thought

  10. That root beer skit was the funniest thing I have every seen!!

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