“Stone Cold” Steve Austin moderates Universal Title Match contract signing: Raw, Sept. 9, 2019

In order to counter another interruption, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin moderates the Universal Championship Match contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.


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  1. 1:10 Seth Rollins: I’m the best wrestler on the planet. Crowd:Booooo!

  2. Hasan Salamisandwich

    I am here because of glow

  3. I’m happy that KO uses the stunner, but it just looks so effortless when Austin does it.  Great segment.

  4. its cool when you have big guy get bowled over by a bigger guy!!! especially when your 6’8″

  5. Pls K.O. Take notes lol. It needs to be just as fluid as that rt there 😁

  6. Only came from stone cold!

  7. I love SCSA but it pisses me off that WWE censored the fingers

  8. Boogies and Ethan’s Channel

    With that paint on Luke Gallows thinks he’s the fiend

  9. If wwe can keep up the occasional pg-13 moments then there good

  10. I love to see Stone Cold vs AJ Styles

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