Stolas Backstory Changes EVERYTHING We Know About Helluva Boss! The Circus Breakdown


Helluva Boss season 2 begins up with The Circus, an episode that investigates the backstory of Stolas and how he met Blitzo at a young age! We get familiar with Paimon and Cash Buckzo while gaining so much more context about Stolas’ relationships with Octavia, Stella and Blitzo! What is up with the Asmodean Crystals, and will they play a huge role moving forward? Here is our breakdown of the new episode for details you might have missed!



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  1. The people who suffered the most are the kindest. Wich applies to Stolas. Well maybe not Blitz, but to a certain degree, it does, since he … “Spent a night with Stolas” … Even if he didn’t have to. He did it out of friendship… I think.

    And yeah, the voice actress behind Stella is absolutely *killing it* Can’t wait to see more of these awesome performances by the entire crew.

  2. If it wasn’t bad enough you were betrothed at a young age to marry someone you didn’t know, imagine if the first image you see of them (as was in this episode) was strangling a pet. Yikes.

    For real though, that’s how would-be serial killers start. It begins with small things, transitions to pets and other creatures, then gradually switches to humans.

  3. Gabriel agreste vibes for stoals’s dad

  4. Honestly I feel bad for him, he was seen (( at first )) as a jerk who took advantage of his wife and daughter, till this came out.. his vulnerable and broken, the only thing that’s probably pushing him is his daughter.. he finally broke out of an abusive relationship with his ex wife who is still trying to ruin him and for what? I truly hope she gets what she deserves and I hope stolas heals, considering the pills, he’s probably near his breaking point

  5. Normal Regular Kid

    Stella’s the nicest person ever (jok)

  6. Am I the only one who instantly recognized Jonathan Freeman’s voice? Jafar is father of the year.

  7. I actually thought blitzo took advantage of stolas and he never truly loved him. That he used him from the beginning. And during the song it felt like stolas was acknowledging that everything has been a lie. His marriage, blitzo and his relationship, his personality, etc. so his love for blitzo is the only thing he knows he has power of.

  8. AwestruckVox: talking about Stolas.
    Captions: Stolaz, Stoluz, Stillies.

  9. Your spot on about Stella

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