STOCK BOX Doll Customizing: Busted up mermaid doll Sirena Von Boo

I forgot to name this doll during the episode. Whups! I guess she can keep the name ‘Sirena’. Thank you so much for joining me, and leave a remark with what animal theme we should tackle next! I will declare the survey over on the community tab, and through my socials. And I’ll try to update it here in the description box as well (if I recollect!).

Monster High Doll: Sirena Von Boo
Nylon doll hair from
Hair extension—I believe the one I used was kanekalon hair.

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  1. I would love to see you make a lynx. I think that would soooooo cute😊

  2. I want you to make a cat or a dog

  3. mushroom themed cow maybe?

  4. Awesome doll! I would love to see a mouse or a dumbo rat. They’re so very cute and misunderstood.

  5. New scissors ✂️! Also, I think a fennec fox would be cool.

  6. I would love for a squirrel repaint


  8. Humming bird or red panda :0

  9. Id love for You to make a bunny? Maybe basic but it would be really cool!

  10. I’d love to see a Harpie doll! wings for arms and bird legs would be super cool to see what you could do with that!

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