Still Working On It | skate.

We told you we are back, and we are still working on it – but it is time for you to look at what we have been up to. It is still early, but we want to get this right and that means we want you to be a part of it.

Become a skate. insider at for a chance to play, provide feedback and help shape the future of skate.


  1. So excited for this 💯

  2. okay i see yall

  3. SKATE 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i have never been more happy to see a video game trailer, i played so much skate 3 on the PS3 and can’t wait to hop back in no questions asked.
    i know it’s a long shot because it would create problems with remapping the tricks and such but i really hope to see PC support!

  5. 0:19 Skate 1 map??? 😀 hopefully this means we will get a huge map with the old maps baked in

  6. Who cares about Skate now in 2022 lol Skate 3 was released fucking 12 years ago lmao

  7. Only game I’ll buy on day one.

  8. Commenting for the algorithm

  9. Spencer Stevenson


  10. Honestly this makes me so happy skate was the game growing up it’s been 12 years since the skate 3.

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