Steve Harvey LOVES These FUNNY Family Feud Answers

Bonus Round demonstrates the funniest, weirdest and whackiest moments from Games Shows from all over the world


  1. Nylon

  2. I watch this at work all the time this was my fav of the week :

    “if you were to open a funeral home what would you need”

    guy- “ a break room”

  3. I’m.glad I couldn’t help accept cotton as well 😅

  4. Roxanne Navarro


  5. What century is he in to see sexy cotton panties – oh my god, this is so wild.

  6. Maxima LaMantia

    But cotton was grandma sexy panty material

  7. I don’t like this gentleman, he plays funny and he isn’t

  8. 12:58 I see a cuckold down the line 😭

  9. Steve Harvey makes the Feud unwatchable.

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