Steve Harvey: “If You Attack My Daughters Or My Wife, I’m Coming For You”| Sip N Smoke W/ Cam Newton

In the very first episode of Sip n Smoke, Cam Newton sits down with entrepreneur and comedy performer Steve Harvey for cigars, a glass of scotch, and good discussion. They talk about Black parenthood, validity in the amusement industry, and a lot more! #SipNSmoke #CamNewton #SteveHarvey

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  1. He willing to die for them thots he calling his wife and daughter. Lol ….Yeah it sounds good but in reality last time I checked you ain’t checked nobody. Stay doing the comedy playboi. The thots are for everybody.

  2. Steve Harvey is a quack, a charlatan. This dude opens his mouth for money and mans applause, that’s it. He is the true definition of a man who sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.

    Closest a man who believes in Jesus will ever get to hell, is this life. However.
    Closest Steve Harvey and quacks like him who denying Jesus will ever get to Heaven, is this life.

    Let that sink in.

    This dude would sell his mama’s soul to the devil if it meant more money and more fame.

    Jesus for the win.

  3. Steve is really a leader of the black community give him his rose because it’s not a lot left grownup ish real man talk

  4. Chiefs Will LOSE

    Respect to everything Steve said 👏

  5. Like this Steve the man..

  6. Softball interview. Why Cam didnt ask Steve about his daughter dating Puffy AND Puffys son BACK TO BACK

  7. Nas from-da-Ldn

    Simp Harvey

  8. Believe in your imagination if you can see it you can be

  9. Angella Paterson

    That’s the way a real man, husband, and father talks. He is the protection for his unit. Thanks, guys. Your both real.*

  10. Candace Bennett

    Loved the interview.

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