Stephen Works Out With Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg invited Stephen to Washington, D.C., to settle the case of “Do you even lift?”

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  1. She speaks about 30 words per minute, and looks like she is having a hard time. She should resign.

  2. She is one of my candidates for a future dead pool.

  3. Reasons why the Justice’s of the Supreme Court shouldn’t be appointed for life!!! Now she is giving pointers on where to buy scrunchies/aka pony tail holders. Know when to holdem and when to foldem. In her honor she did well now she just looks foolish. I am not as old as her but certainly an Elder.

  4. Something I never thought I’d see is someone dancing to 90s pop music while hitting the gym with RBG

  5. Super mega SS-88 Ultrapurity Squadführer

    Dirty jew

  6. Wait a minute, I thought Stephen Hawking died????

  7. He’s such a big fan because she wants 12 yo kids to be responsible for having sex with aduls. She wants to put in place a federal age of consent at 12.

    Beeyotch we ain’t living in 1668. And Mr Colbert, you are nothing but a puppet who will play for whomever promises you the biggest fish.

  8. Obviously senile. Notorious RBG is notorious for being Really Bad at Giving to humanity.

  9. Because You'd Be In Jail.

    She had pancreatic cancer…. In 2009.

  10. God Emperor Trump

    Demonic, satanic witch! Burn in Hell! Kneel before the light of Christ Jesus!

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