Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Postgame Interview – Game 4 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals


  1. Anthony Lucero

    I’m thinking the short dynasty is over,time to ride off into the sunset.

  2. What kinda hat is steph wearing?

  3. Byambaa Khalzan

    Curry eyes ? tells all about game 3.
    Still believe in Warriors game 7 .

  4. What they need to stop doing is just depending on curry to shoot. I’ve seen alot of times where iggy and draymond was open but yet they only worried about Steph or Klay. SHOOT THAT BITCH!!!!! Idc if u can shoot or not it’s the worth the effort or try.

  5. They look finished… Their body language says it all.

  6. Klay isn’t so cocky now huh

  7. Klay said we banged up you know both teams are banged up lmao nah nigga you guys look banged up and tired Toronto is having their 2011 Mavericks moment lol

  8. They look as sad as i feel

  9. Brown Osarenkhoe

    Just keeep Boogie out , maybe gsw got a shot

  10. Splash brothers sitting down like they got detention lol.

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