Stephen A.: The 76ers should trade Ben Simmons to the Trail Blazers | First Take

Stephen A.: The 76ers should trade Ben Simmons to the Trail Blazers | First Take
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Magic Johnson respond to the Atlanta Hawks eradicating the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 and talk about whether or not the loss is worse for head coach Doc Rivers or Ben Simmons.
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0:00 Ben Simmons was not aggressive enough in Game 7 – Magic Johnson
0:40 Magic Johnson: It is time for a new destination for Ben Simmons.
2:15 Game 7 was not a good day for Doc Rivers – Stephen A. Smith
3:40 Stephen A.: Send Ben Simmons to the Blazers.


  1. @Reginald Jeanmarie You left out Anthony Bennett

  2. @Tuff Genius yeah I agree. They should’ve kept Jimmy and let Harris walk and trade Simmons but they didn’t and for not keeping Jimmy it seems like they’re back at square 1

  3. Anybody that really watches basketball knows CJ is good but has been fighting injuries the last few years Anybody that wants that trade is a Blazers fan.

  4. @South1000ga Porzingis<->Harris: Boban and Harris united!

  5. @r000ty I like it but Joel Embiid and the Sixers doesn’t need a backup center on that big of a contract Porzingis is on however like I 1st stated I do like this trade you suggested. I like it, genius idea but Porzingis will have to take a pay cut in his contract to make it work. I like that trade for both the Mavs and the Sixers

  6. Kardashians has done it again, Book better watch out

  7. Agent Simmons , thats who he is.. doesnt have the AI mentality , i miss iverson in sixe4rs

  8. He should go to the Warriors, They got enough shooting , he can be a good contributor to Steph and Klay and also play good defense

  9. “Doc has won a championship, so he knows what he’s doing”. Magic says a lot of stupid stuff. But that takes the cake.

  10. Farquad Shmoogle

    the dumbness of Molly. SAS is the one that suggested Simmons to Portland for McCollum, then she asks where would you send Simmons, or what team should want him. SMH. Bless Jalen Rose, i wonder how often he tricks her to doing things bc she dont think before she speaks.

  11. Anonymous Traveler

    Magic caping for Doc. lol

  12. Written Directino

    China Team stacked
    PG: Ben Simmons
    SG: Joe Harris
    SF: Kyle Kuzma
    PF: Julius Randle
    C: Rudy Gobert
    6th: Kristaps Porzingis

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