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Stephen A. Smith crowns Kevin Durant as the greatest participant in the NBA, but Max Kellerman takes exception to Giannis Antetokounmpo being left off the list.

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  1. I love how Lebron misses 1 year of the playoffs because of his teammates were injured also he was injured as well bad coaching staff Dysfunctional front office even when magic was there but kd and steph still can’t lead 1 team alone to the finals and even win it and ya kawhi was great in the playoffs but his team lead him there because he missed 22 games and they were better without him.

  2. i agree with SAS.

  3. 2:34 what you all came here for.

  4. Stop sleeping on NBA 1st team center Nikola Jokic. His only 24 years old. All these player over 30

  5. Max straight up looking like a Secret Service Agent lmao

  6. I don’t agree with Anthony Davis at all. When you’re a player that averages 28/12/3 there is no reason for why you shouldn’t be able to contend for a playoff spot year in and year out. Something has to be said for that. Giannis is a brand new super star so its too early to include him. But James Harden, choker or not, has never missed the playoffs in his entire career and REGULARLY carries his teams into championship contention. He should’ve been, at the very least, #5 on that list. Anthony Davis is overrated.

  7. James Harden chokes in playoffs, Giannis should be in the list haha Max u r troll man. Harden averaged 35ppg with 45% fg against gsw with durant.

  8. What nonsense . LeBron Is no 1. Kd is no2. Some people are just blind. When Kd can take a team to the final by himself then we will see where he stand

  9. This is the most boring playoff series. No lebron. Boring boring , boring. I do not even look at these games.

  10. SAS is desperate for kd to come knicks is disgusting

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