Stephen A. reacts to Lonzo Ball calling him out on social media 👀 | First Take

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  1. This guy stephen a. has come back arguments that are undefeated.

  2. gotCross3dWiTmySNoT

    I appreciated Sas alot more in high school. Maybe it’s because i was younger but over the years he just seems so full of him self

  3. Dictionary definition of: “Moving the Goal Post”.
    See also: “Cringey”

  4. 1017Par Southside

    Not one person on the panel gon step up & ask him what’s his point of talking about a bunch of nothing. Smh

  5. Stephan a smith has the same mentality as a teenage girl. He’ll say whatever he wants about someone then gets defensive and refuses to admit he’s in the wrong no matter what the other person says or does

  6. Lonzo is a Certified Bust!!!

  7. I can’t even listen to this whole response from this piece of $&@#!

  8. Lonzo never said he was healthy he made fun of your “not being able to sit down” sources.

  9. Just admit that you were wrong!!! He addressed your comment on him getting up and down. Stop the madness.

  10. This guy tripping

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