Stephen A. is self-assured that the Antonio Brown drama is at long last over | First Take

Stephen A. Smith chimes in on whether or not the drama is over for Antonio Brown now that the star receiver is under the watchful eye of Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.
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  1. I agree, as long as sexual assault isn’t considered drama.

  2. Oh the dramatic are behind Antonio Brown later in the evening Rape charges come forward. Steven A putting his foot in his mouth once again.

  3. Not so fast my friend.

  4. AverageJoetwopoint0

    This didn’t age well…..

  5. many teams will pay for this elite receiver if he proves he can comply the money will rain in $$$$$$$ GET THAT MONEY AB

  6. Haha drama not over!

  7. LOL way to go ESPN, you couldn’t be more wrong.

  8. F!#% AB!!!!! RNFL😎

  9. Spoke too soon!!!

  10. I just read about the rape allegations.. so let me get this right.. He kissed her without consent then later he Skeet SKEETED all over her back… she didnt like that… ZOOM 2 the future and she decides to hang out with him again @ a CLUB… goes to his HOUSE that night and then gets raped… sounds might suspect????? Dont get me wrong I dislike AB much.. and wish him failure in future football endeavors.. but this rape allegation doesn’t add up

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