Stephen A. does not hold back on criticising Lamar Jackson | First Take

Stephen A. Smith responds to Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson’s 28-12 loss to the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. He in addition talks about why Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes had more success in the playoffs compared to Lamar Jackson.

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  1. If u think race ain’t being put in on these opinions u either drunk hi or crazy

  2. Lamar Jackson chokes no criticism Carson wentz’s max kellerman hold my beer

  3. All season the Ravens have been on auto pilot. The coaches just sat back and let that talented run game do its thing. The playoffs come and Harbaugh decides he wants to fly the plan and gotdamn crashed before he left the runway. You don’t change what got you there. 59 passing plays? Why? Hands off just enjoy the ride next time

  4. The Ravens as a whole choked loved it

  5. Stephen A likes the light skin QBs better.

    Ravens QB dominated the league,yet he gets critized by SAS because Jim harbaugh failed to prepare his team.

  6. And Stephen a is a joke

  7. richard patterson

    Man trying to be a sport star these days got to be tough

  8. Christopher L Williams

    365passing – 143rushing ✊ just give that boy some consistent playmakers like himself.

    -respect from Chiefs Kingdom

  9. Stephen couldn’t wait to bash Lamar. It wasn’t just Lamar. It was the whole team. Bad play calling, offense , defense, etc. Leave tbe man alone! He is up and coming. They were 14/2 and they did well. They looked a little out of sync. Tbe Titans just played better. It happens! The Ravens will be back. Bolder and better!

  10. Dude was just waiting for Lamar to lose. ? Lamar you can’t win baby. Some fools will always just sit there and watch you have bad games, itching for a chance to say “i told you so”. ? can’t wait for this kid to play next season, such a bright future. Ravens through great or terrible games ima be a fan with faith.

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