Stephen A. clarifies how Kevin Durant looks now for leaving Steph Curry & the Warriors | First Take

Stephen A. clarifies how Kevin Durant looks now for leaving Steph Curry & the Warriors | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Jay Williams talk about how Kevin Durant looks after the Warriors won the franchise’s 4th NBA championship in eight seasons and Stephen Curry captured his first NBA Finals MVP. Golden State overcame the Boston Celtics 103-90 in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals to secure the title.
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  1. imagine asking an athlete to inject a toxic useless substance into their healthy bodies to win….Thats insanity

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    KD’s mistake was in letting his husband decide where the two of them were going to live and work.

  3. KD does NOT look bad for leaving the Warriors compared to when he joined them; he did the right thing by leaving, but he looks bad because he has still yet to prove he can lead his own team. The Warriors proved they didn’t need KD, KD needed them. He’s NOT a true champion.

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    Like Will Smith KD screwed himself. So from now on its all down hill bruhh


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  6. 100% correct!

  7. Simple, KD don’t now what he wants, Kyrie done know who he is.

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    KD ultimately wasn’t happy, and there were a multitude of reasons why he left. Mostly I believe he wanted to prove he could do it by being the centerpiece and focal point of a team by assembling his cast of teammates. His sensitivity to the chatter about him joining the Warriors led him to try and prove everyone wrong. So far its not looking good for him

  9. Red Consciousness

    His Rings matter even less

  10. It’s not damned if you do damned if you don’t. It’s simple he went to a team that was a championship team and basically made them broke the NBA he could have gone to another contender and not made them over the top. It is a bad luck because they won before Kevin Durant during Kevin Durant and after Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant needs a championship to validate that he is that kind of guy and even on the same level as Steph Curry

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