STATE DINNER: President Trump – Queen Elizabeth II Remarks

President Trump is meeting with the best leader the world has known for the previous six decades, plus. A leader who does not get almost the credit she merits for the intellect, strength, diplomacy, class, personal faith, and sense of responsibility and service she has flashed during her rule.

That leader being Queen Elizabeth II.


  1. Charlie Hoover

    Beautifully written speech he read that someone else wrote!

  2. I was struck as I watched her majesty how her diamond jewelry glittered and shone, never really noticed it on anyone before.

  3. They actually let him in the country ??

  4. Alasdair Black

    The Queen once again demonstrates what Trump will never understand.

  5. Sweetearth1958

    3:36 Prince William looks like “HELP ME JESUS!”. As an aside, is Trump’s tux vest supposed to look like that?

  6. I love my President!!!!!!!????

  7. Greatest president ever.

  8. Mira que ququi la reina madre ?, otra que vivirá 100 años como su madre

  9. Same caca

  10. Qué le gusta a los americamos todo esto de la realeza , cuando aquí cada vez tienen menos interes .

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