Starship SN11 Explodes During Failed Landing in the Fog

Starship SN11 took flight in the dense fog but failed to make an effective landing shortly after registering low chamber pressure on the #2 Raptor engine. An upgraded Starship, SN15, is planned to roll out in the coming weeks.

Video From the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Brady Kenniston (@TheFavoritist).

All content copyright to NSF. Not to be utilized elsewhere without any explicit approval from NSF.

L2 Boca Chica (more clips and pictures) from BC’s really early days to today.

0:00 Starship SN11 Ready for Launch
0:11 Starship SN11 Vents
0:44 T-30 Seconds
1:14 Ignition & Liftoff
1:51 SN11 Continues Toward Apogee
2:27 SN11 Prepares for Landing
2:52 Engine Ignition & Eruption
3:27 Statement from Elon
3:47 SN11 Debris Field Pan


  1. Time Stamps! RIP SN11

    0:00​ Starship SN11 Ready for Launch
    0:11​ Starship SN11 Vents
    0:44​ T-30 Seconds
    1:14​ Ignition & Liftoff
    1:51​ SN11 Continues Toward Apogee
    2:27​ SN11 Prepares for Landing
    2:52​ Engine Ignition & Explosion
    3:27​ Statement from Elon
    3:47​ SN11 Debris Field Pan

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    • @Mr. Pete Channel needs 900 subbies! SN8 failed for low header tank pressure. SN9 was a Raptor failure. SN10 was helium in the fuel causing combustion instability and lower thrust. SN11 had an engine running at lower than nominal chamber pressure. So it’s a 50/50 split so far. But Elon himself said that the lower chamber pressure for engine 2, in theory, shouldn’t have caused a RUD so it must have been something else after raptor re-ignition. It would be too much work now to engineer an engine from the ground up considering where SpaceX are with the Raptor.

    • scotty moondog jakubin

      @Iron Golden not sure – plus the fog didnt help the video footage ! Would’ve been nice to actually see beginning to end !

  2. Having a rocket blow up is like loosing your skateboard money for Elon Musk.

  3. Hopper is the chosen one

  4. When big boys play with expensive toys… 💥🎆💥🤯

  5. Cloudy with a chance of rocket parts.

  6. Any word on if SN11 exploded on its own or they triggers the flight termination equipment?

  7. Why could they not wait for better weather?

  8. Picasso Of Baccarat

    Fake fog.

  9. Michael Ehlerman

    Not often that you get to watch the government literally burn thousands of dollars

  10. Space is a waste of money

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