Stardew Valley speedruns are not as relaxing as you think…

Speedrunning Stardew Valley’s community center is really perplexing, and way harder than you may think

My channel usually concentrates on a more informal side of speedruns. With these video clips I want to expose cool speedruns, justify how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you take pleasure in the content and perhaps even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. Do you only play non shooter games your chanels?

  2. so that the wizard will send us a letter later and he can teach us how to read

  3. Try speedrunning valheim

  4. Heated Red Volcano

    I caught a catfish irl once, it didn’t move at all.
    I thought I was caught on a rock.

  5. The stardew valley grind is real,
    421 hours sunk in this game and thats just me playing vanilla

  6. Day two of asking for a Final Ninja/Final Ninja Zero speedrun

  7. can you speedrun sons of the forest or the forest? would love it if you could!

  8. Oh my god! I remember asking for a Stardew Valley speedrun in your 24 hour charity stream! Thank you so much for actually doing it!! You’re the best

  9. Pizza tower

  10. As soon as I saw that jade at the start I knew it was gonna be the staircase trick

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