Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Every generation has a myth. Watch the brand new teaser for Star Wars: Episode IX.


  1. That ending is a surprise to be sure a welcome one!

  2. #1 Trending – WE DID IT BOIS 😉

  3. I hope Mauler and E;R show me the truth.

  4. When you realize Rian Johnson isn’t directing this movie 1:46

  5. Nobody:
    Star Wars: #1 Trending *TheRise of Skywalker*

  6. 1:07 why would she do a crazy backflip when she can just… well… turn ? 🤔

  7. J-B Phuong-Anh-Vu Lai

    The Rise of Skywalker…… Ranch

  8. Disney is just trolling

  9. Un-broken and victorious

    This half-hearted reboot can pretend to be the end of the Star Wars saga all it wants: at the end of the day, it is nothing but the product of hacks and wannabes trying to make someone else’s masterpiece ‘theirs’. TheThrawn and New Jedi Order series’ are the end of the saga.

  10. So she is a skywalker, thanks to the title, or is ren gonna change of heart again? Last jedi fucced me up

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